When you plan a trip to Thailand, why not start your vacation with a more affordable Health and Dental Check-up?

Thailand has become a good destination for all specialized medical procedures.

The country has some of the Best Hospitals in South East Asia, with high standards in Public and Private Clinics where all treatment can be found. Doctors and nurses are well trained in every Medical specialty. Most have practiced abroad, they can speak English and your language.
Medikaptour Focus is to ensure to all of our Clients Travellers the best care in a Clinic or Hospital followed with a Recovery Tailored to the needs required in some of Thailand’s most appropriate destination.

For many years the country has evolved in a modern style destination for travellers of all ages. A country where one can escape the city toxic lifestyle and rejuvenate at Wellness Resort or with specialised Stem Cell treatments, and find inspiration for healthier living

Around Chiang Mai the mountains and landscape change every mornings and through the days. Hua Hin is a pleasant City by the Gulf of Siam, the Sea Air is relaxing, Further South on the Island of Phuket the Humidity is higher, with a variety of places that offers varied interests, great food places and everywhere around Thailand Wellness Resorts are specialised in Alternative Medicine.

Thailand is Safe Nationwide, and the People are welcoming.

Thai People will greet you and give you the best attentions you expect. After an Operation or an advance Treatment, get better and recover in the company of your Family in an amazing place you will remember and wish to come back to
Medikaptour will consider all of your requests to customize the best Medical Travel Experience in Wonderful Thailand. Your Satisfaction is our Priority. We wish you to leave Thailand with great memories of your Stay, and hopefully welcome you back in some future for a proper holiday filled with Wellness.
By registering with Medikaptour, you will not only save yourself money, but gain a cultural enrichment that a domestic health experience cannot offer

Our Philosophy

Our most esteemed clientele can expect only the very best service in medical travels customised to perfection to ensure you a comfortable hospital care and efficient recovery in am adequately selected destination. As a benchmark, we set ourselves the top goals when it comes to providing you with the highest standards toward your comfort and assured privacy. We are committed to finding the perfect tailored medical travel in Thailand customised towards your discerning demands. We will go an extra miles to deliver to you the best travel time in Thailand with a passion for excellence.
Tell the member of our team all of your detailed demands, we will tailor and customise your days in Thailand from the moment you arrive at the airport; through your medical visits and surgery; and make sure you reach the best possible location for the best of recovery.
We want to see you departing Thailand with a good memory. Hopefully we will look forward to welcoming you back for another Thai adventure, filled with new discoveries, or respond to another Health Care request. Tell us in a Private conversation, Via Skype, FaceTime or Line all that you are looking for while you are in Amazing Thailand. We will produce for you a memorable Medical Visit to Bangkok and Thailand.
Help us help you the very best we can

Your Privacy

Medikaptour keeps your information confidential


Following an initial Skype, FaceTime or Line conversation, all your information will be kept in your private file. We will need your Medical file from your Doctor at home, send us your Blood profile and your condition in details. We will pass it on to the Doctor best suited to your needs here in Bangkok, in the Clinic best suited. Your Medical file will be only seen by your Doctor and his team.
It is important that you inform us in that initial call of what treatment you need, so that we can find the Best Doctor you need, and transfer to him/her your Medical File. Medikaptour  wants to assure you that your Privacy is respected, we will pass your sealed file to your Thai Doctor for his attention exclusively, and the Team that will care for you.
Only your Doctor will talk with you about the best therapy you need.
Signing up with Medikaptour™  will not only save you money, but you will benefit to an enriching experience you may never find at home, or possibly elsewhere. We realise that all of the people who will contact us for our services have all different conditions and concerns. It is our prerogative to serve you the best we can, Talk with our Lead Agent and Medikaptour director, tell us everything about the Healthcare and Health improvements  that you need.
Be reassured that Medikaptour  will customise your Medical stay in Thailand towards the best for your satisfaction, and always respect your Privacy.


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