Caring for Eyes and Eyesight

We find the most suitable and best hospital for you

Maintaining a healthy Eyesight is important for all Ages in Life.

For those who have lost their eyesight, some new treatments have shown to be groundbreaking, however, these may be particular to one exceptional case, but it brings hope for all of those who wish to see the world’s beauty.


Medikaptour has Agreements with some of the best Ophthalmologist in Bangkok, Clinics and Hospitals specialised for Eyes.


For all Ages, Doctors in the Specialty will help care for everyone’s Eyesight, recommending the best treatments;
From wearing Contact Lenses, or Glasses, or a Laser treatment at an older age to bring back vision closer to perfect.


Many other Eyes conditions connecting to aging are becoming more and
more curable;


 Macular Degeneration
 Diabetic Retinopathy
 Lasik Surgery
.. and others


Medikaptour can find the most reliable clinic, Lasik Specialist for the Eye condition you want to prevent early in life or improve.

caring for eyes and eyesight


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