Coronavirus (COVID-19) Preparation and Prevention

Medikaptour has worked with knowledgeable specialists in fields of Regenerative Medicine and Stem Cell, as well as a Professor in Oncology; they all have knowledge of how to apply their therapies to benefit anyone to improve their Immune Systems. All become linked as the best options to Prevent a Covid 19 Infection, and avoiding the expansion of spreading it more.


Here are the recommendations of a Doctor specialized in Epidemiology with his thoughts on how to prevent an infection.


“ If we have learned one important thing in the current Covid-19 epidemic, it is that the Strong Survive.
The death rate as it is currently evaluated is much higher than the common Flu or Influenza. For Covid 19, a death rate of 2% is expected.
This tells me not that we shouldn’t worry about getting Covid-19, but we should maintain a Strong Immune System to increase the chance that we NEVER have to deal with it PERSONALLY!
This is why I love regenerative medicine. Regeneration includes the Immune System as well as all the other benefits of the greater brain and cognitive power and, of course, looking younger for longer. In Bangkok, Anti-Aging Clinics continue to fight for the strength of your Immune System and your health.”


Please contact Medikaptour to discuss how this process fits into your life and lifestyle.

Medikaptour offers a Coronavirus Super Immune Programs

First, don’t panic, it is better to be cautious when traveling cautiously with proper protections.
Wear a Mask at Airport, avoid shaking hands and close contact with too many people, wash your hands more often than usual, and wear a new Mask when disembarking at your destination.
Avoid touching your Face without having washed them First thoroughly.
Carry with you some disinfecting Cleansing Towels to keep your hands and fingertips clean.
Any object that you touch daily could be infected with the Virus Covid 19.
Tables in restaurants, Cash money loose change, any other objects that could have been handled by anyone else.

One of our greatest fears today is an infection by Coronavirus 2019, COVID-19.

Cases and deaths are beginning to multiply and grow outside of China and prevention is the only real treatment.
Boosting your immune system can give you a strong and effective defense against the spread of CORONAVIRUS 2019 COVID-19.

Medikaptour has worked with infectious disease and regenerative medicine specialists who have developed a new intensive Immune Boosting Program that can strengthen your immunity against viruses and add critical anti-oxidants to give you the best chance of staying healthy during this epidemic and the current severe Influenza / Flu season. This is important for all people, but especially important for patients with ongoing chronic diseases: High Blood Pressure, Diabetes, Asthma, heart and lung disease and others.

By combining the synergistic effects of Intravenous Vitamin/Anti-Oxidant Therapy with the direct anti-viral effect of Ozone, this program will keep your white blood cells and immune cells at their peak performance. Your natural resistance is the only weapon you have against the spread of viruses and bacteria. This program will optimize your immune system immediately upon starting treatment.

Package 1:
Doctor Consultation + 3 Immune Booster IV + 2 Ozone Treatments for 1 week Normal price = 31,000 THB Reduced price = 25,000 THB

Package 2:
Doctor Consultation + 6 Immune Booster IV + 4 Ozone Treatments for 2 weeks Normal price = 62,000 THB Reduced Price = 39,000 THB

Other Programs have prices ranging from 20,000 THB to 45,000 THB, with a series of treatments over a period of 1 week up to 2 weeks to 3.

They are all with a thorough Doctor’s consultation, treatments will be defined to suit the patient for the best of Benefits to increasing the Immune System and fight an Infection from not only Covid 19, but any other type of flu or other infections.

Always talk with the Doctors and mention openly any underlying condition that has to be considered for the best success of the Treatments.

Other options, Doctor’s check-up, Hormones Checkup and many more treatments to boost and maintain good health are available.


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