Cosmetic Self Improvement

We find the most suitable and best hospital for you

Medikaptour works with the best Surgeons at their Hospitals to transform anyone seeking a rejuvenated confidence and Happiness in their Lives

Looking good has become more important with the times, it builds self-assurance and gives greater chances to become more successful in every days life.

Thailand has gained good knowledge and respectful clinics for assisting anyone who wishes to improve their personal facial and body features. The Surgeons we have selected evaluate with precision every little cut they perform knowing how it will heal for best satisfaction.

It is most important that the Patient discuss how they want to look after the Surgery, and follow the Surgeon’s recommendation during the Recovery.
Avoiding to open up bandages and dressing off a wound, following maybe a specific Diet, avoiding stressful situations, whichever the surgery was, always follow your Surgeons Guideline for the best outcome.

A follow up will be included in your treatment until both, you and your surgeon are completely satisfied.

Cosmetic surgeries, as well as cosmetic dentistry, can be sourced in the Land of Smile.

Also for the few who wish to recreate themselves, specialist clinics can perform Sex Reassignment Surgery (SRS) on special request from the individual.

Thailand has proven itself to be a compassionate nation, everyone is welcome as the persons they are, every Thai people is considerate to everyone.

For any Specialised Cosmetic improvement you are seeking, contact our agent and you will be relayed to the best cosmetic clinic in Bangkok or in a province of your choice.

The Cosmetic surgeons we aim to recommend are amongst the best.


List of cosmetic procedures:

• Breast Augmentation
• Breast Lift
• Facelift
• Tummy Tuck
• Liposuction
• Buttock Surgery

• Gastric Sleeve
• Dental
• Breast implants
• Body Surgeries
• Face Surgeries
• Hair Transplant

• Facial Feminisation Surgery
• Voice Feminisation Surgery
• Male to Female Surgery
• Vagina and Vulva Rejuvenation
• Bariatric Surgery

These are some of the most common cosmetic procedures you can have in Thailand. Medikaptour works with the best Surgeons at their Hospitals to transform anyone seeking rejuvenated confidence and Happiness in their Lives


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