More common Surgeries

We find the most suitable and best hospital for you

Any other kind of surgeries are available in Thailand, you have to consult your doctor where you live and obtain your medical file, with the details of your condition.

Every Kinds surgeries are available in Thailand, Tell us your concerns and we will connect you with the best Doctor or Team of Doctors to consult.
Send us your Most Complete Medical File, mentioning if you have any underlying condition that may interfere with a Treatment.


On reception of your file, the Doctors will study and return you a thorough Prognosis with possible Treatment (s) and an evaluation of the Costs.


Please note that some surgeries require a longer period for recovery, such as a knee replacement or hip replacement.
For those, in particular, you may need a few weeks, an adapted destination can be organised for you and your family. where a physiotherapist will be looking after your recovery and advise you on what exercises you should be doing daily.


Many destinations have yoga or adapted swimming pools for you to readjust your joints movements.


Some surgeries can be avoided with less invasive Stem Cell therapy or Platelet-Rich Plasma Injections; These options are worth to be considered with your Doctors and a Stem Cell Specialist.
Stem Cell has been successful for several loss of joints motions and arthritis.


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Our agents are ready to help you find the best adapted treatment for your condition and guide you throughout your stay in Thailand.


We aim to give you the best of satisfaction and wish you to return to your homeland in better health.


There are many conditions and treatments that are available, please let us know what you need to treat. We will direct you to the best doctors and hospital with up to date equipment to help you restore your health closer
to best.


The list of conditions and treatments is too long to write here.
We are sure that you know the concerns you need to address.
Allow us to find the Specialised Doctors who will care to restore your health, and hopefully give you the joys of a more comfortable reenergised life.


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