Tailored made adventures, mindful or active.

Our Endeavour at Medikaptour  is to dedicate ourselves to each one of our clients. We want to tailor the best Medical vacation that fits your needs, followed with an experience that reflects the country true character. Medikaptour  will take care of all your arrangements, from the moment to step foot in Bangkok and throughout your Medical Care and your Recovery Vacation in an adapted location to your needs, your personal assistance, a trained bilingual Nurse can follow you and monitor you at all times to insure you regain your best of Health (Optional). This is a service we believe to be important and will be made available to you on your doctor’s recommendation.


After a first online conversation where you will tell your host about the Medical treatment you need, we will recommend you to send us your Medical file; you can ask your doctor to give to you, we will pass to the Doctor you will meet in a Bangkok Hospital. After your Specialist Thai Doctor has read your Medical needs, he can set up your visits schedule, and organise any procedures you need to receive. (see Your Privacy)


Your Medical visits will be organise to a schedule, starting the day after you have landed. Your assistant Nurse will accompany you through the Bangkok traffic by our car service to your Clinic to meet your Doctor, and remain at your attention until your Doctor checks you out from your Medical care. It always depends on your health status, rest assured that your Medical team will do everything to make you as healthy as they possibly can.


Your satisfaction is Medikaptour and its team members main priority. We are available at any moment of every days throughout your stay in Thailand, you will have a dedicated telephone line at your disposition to contact us at all time.

We wish you to experience the most enriching travels and gain from Thailand exceptional Buddhist culture you would never get at home.Discover the Temples and meet with a Monk for a private initiation. Learn about the History of Thailand and what it means to be Thai and Proud to be Thai.


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