Your satisfaction is our main interest.

Your Medical Travel starts from the moment you land in Bangkok. Ultimately, A Nurse will be your guide and personal assistant from your landing time to the day you check out from the clinic in better health. Under your doctor’s recommendation, would you need to have continued supervision, a Nurse can follow you to monitor your recovery. Medikaptour  remains at your disposition throughout your time in Thailand, during treatment and after. You will have a dedicated telephone line at your disposition to contact us at all time.

Just tell us all that you want to live and experience during your stay in Amazing Thailand. 


There is a wide choice of clinics offerring all kind of treatments. We help you choosing the best hospital or clinic specialised in the treatment you seek. Thailand has wonderful facilities that are every bit the equal of those back home. All Thai Hospitals and Clinics have highly trained Surgeons, Doctors and Nurses that can provide you the identical care you would have gotten back home at a fraction of the cost.

Treatments are nowadays covered by most healthcare insurance policies.

Send us your medical file in advance, we will pass it to your doctors to organise your appointments before you depart from your home to Thailand. Your private Medical File will be in your Doctor’s safe keep so that he can assess your treatments before your arrival. We organise your Medical schedule with your Doctor long before your departure.


A Nurse can be your personal guide, welcome you on your arrival in Bangkok, and guide you throughout your medical procedures. For your recovery time, following your Doctor recommendation suited to your needs, Medikaptour can make sure your personal Nurse accompanies you.

She/he can monitor your recovery and also act as your Travel Guide as well as your trusted Interpreter. Your Nurse and assistant is the person that knows about your Healthcare Needs and follows you wherever you want to go, drives you, guides you and finds all that you seek.

In the eventuality of an emergency, you will be a short drive away from your Doctor and the Clinic, would you need to. Please note that a Nurse following you will come at a cost, we recommend that you follow your Doctor’s recommendations.

You can always contact our head office for complementary advice or any complaints if needed.


How and where do you prefer to spend your recovery time?

In a residence, a resort, in a condominium suitably located, by the seaside or in the mountains, a place properly adapted so that you join the Thai way “Sabai Sabai” and restore your strength to the best of health.

Thailand is resourceful, we can find your ideal destination. Your wish will be satisfied. At Medikaptour , you can reach us at anytime. We want you to go back home happy and in good health.


Most of all treatments can be obtained in Thailand.

These include Stem Cell and new ground breaking new Therapies good for health improvements. Dental, Lazic Eye surgery, Common surgeries, a variety of cosmetic surgeries, as well as Sex Reassignment Surgery (SRS).

We are at your service to bring together a life transformation with a regenerating Vacation.


Medikaptour doesn’t want to overcharge you.

We want to listen to your needs in an online Skype, FaceTime or Line call, our conversation will remain private. All the information you will give us will help us to prepare your Medical Travels to Thailand the best possible way. We could offer you a few basic packages set, however, we consider that it will be in your benefit to tell us about what treatment you need and all that you expect when you decide to come to Thailand to get Better.

Help us help you the best we can.

We have contacts with all the Hospitals and Private Clinics that have the best expected treatments you would expect. You will receive the best of Care you need. Following our conversation, we can start preparing your quote that will gather our costs towards finding the best Medical Care for your condition and needs, the scheduling of all your doctor’s meetings, and surgery.

We will also organise your time in Thailand, following your requests. For any  destinations you would like us to organise for your recovery with your Family, or friends, talk to your agent during your Call Conversation.

Medikaptour  wants to help you get better, and go back to your homeland in fine good health. Talk openly with your welcoming agent, he is the one person who can help you make your Medical visit to Thailand as exceptional and memorable as you wish it to be.

What Medikatour assures you is to work up to its best for a good quality service.


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