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Medikaptour has been one year in service, welcome to our new Website, we want to offer our best possible services to all of those who want to improve their health in Thailand.

Why Get treatment in Thailand?

Thailand is a perfect destination for Medical Tourism, mixing your Health and Wellness in a welcoming country with a Vacation to restore Greater Health and for those who wish, find enlightenment. When you consider planning a vacation in Thailand, consider improving your health.
Rejuvenate with a Stem Cell Therapy, this new style therapy has proven to increase levels of assertiveness, those who have benefited from a properly selected Stem Cell therapy report great improvements in their daily lives. Stem Cell can also restore knee joints, shoulders and other parts of your body.
For those who need to lift up their confidence with a Cosmetic Surgery, a holiday in Thailand can be organised combining with the Cosmetic surgery you wish with some of the best Plastic surgeons in the world. You can also consider Cosmetic Dentistry, anyone can smile with more confidence.

Thailand is a great place for a Medical Procedure.

The country has trained proudly some of the best Doctors and Surgeons in every specialty to levels of excellence. They will care more than you imagine for your health, or look with more compassion that you might have ever experienced before.

Medikaptour is a company specialised in Medical Travels represents his Client and promises complete confidentiality.


Clinic suited to your needs

There is a wide choice of clinics offering all kind of treatments.

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A Nurse

A Nurse will be your personal guide, welcome you on your arrival in Bangkok, and guide you throughout your medical procedures.

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Recovery Time

How and where do you prefer to spend your recovery time?

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Wide range of treatments can be obtained in Thailand.

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We help patients from all around the world


Extra Care

We customize trips and treatments for conditions that require extra care.

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Fit Your Family

Let us find the perfect place for you to stay with a family that feels like home.

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Our hospitals accept many international health insurances.

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Medical Tour

Enjoy the best that Thailand has to offer. 

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Everyone is different. share your medical history to the doctor

✔ We connect free of charge anyone needing a specialised medical treatment with the best doctors at the best hospitals in Bangkok.


✔ At Medikaptour we employ Nurses, and our Director connects with most Doctors and Professors in Medicine in Bangkok Universities and knows another few in the United Kingdom.
✔ Although we are not Doctors as such, we have sworn ourselves to the Hippocratic Oath and we want to reassure everyone that Confidentiality is respected with everyone’s complete Privacy assurance.


✔ Your Medical File is kept safely on a separate system offline, and only share with the Doctors at the Hospitals that were chosen.

Our Philosophy

Our most esteemed clientele can expect only the very best service in medical travels customised to perfection to ensure you a comfortable hospital care and efficient recovery in am adequately selected destination.

Your Privacy

Following an initial Skype, FaceTime or Line conversation, all your information will be kept in your private file.


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